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Volume 2

Thought for the Day

Remember to be nice to your enemies… after all you made them.   (Ray King)

In memory of Ray who we lost earlier this year.


Birthday/Anniversary Corner
Harold - 90
Earl - 60

Welcome to Happy Heart Newsletter. 

Loss Of A Good Friend
Ray King...... We will miss you. 
For those of you who did not know Ray, he hosted the Ray King Variety Show, which aired on the Public Access channel in Peoria. He helped so many people have a chance at the spotlight.  He encouraged people and had many friends.

New Opportunities in 2005

2005 is bringing new opportunities to Chris and I.  We have been guests on the Radio Show, "Breakfast With Royce and Roger".  What a charge to work with such talented people.  They keep you laughing and you never know what to expect from the dynamic duo.  We look forward to working with them again.

Walkin' With Patsy - A Tribute To Patsy Cline.
I remember singing Patsy's songs when I was a teenager.  She has always been my favorite artist.  Her songs were sung from the heart and she shared her life through her songs.  My goal is to try to portray the Country Legend with true love to her memory in my heart.


Country Legends - Tribute To Various Artists.

- Chris and I have put together a tribute to country legends by singing duets performed by various artists.  Some of the artists include:  Kenny Rogers and Dottie West; Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash; George Jones and Loretta Lynn; and more.

Country Legends - Chris has put together a tribute to country male artists.  Some of the artists include:  Conway Twitty, Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, Garth Brooks, Vince Gill, Ray Stevens and more.

Upcoming Events
Happy Heart provides such a variety of services that you need to keep checking the schedule to make sure you don't miss something. 

Cyber Gang
We have not had success yet in finding a new location for a smoke-free environment, but will keep looking.  Hang in there!  We miss you and hope to get together with you again soon!

We participate in benefits to help raise money for good causes.  We thank our friends and families for supporting us and attending the events.

Volunteer Work
Most of you may not know this, but we volunteer in nursing homes, providing music.  The elderly are so very hungry for visitors and people to volunteer to read to them.  If you can plan some time into your schedule.  Find out what you can do to help.  It will make you feel better to put a smile on someone's face.


Contact Us For Booking
We currently have a selection of over 9,500 karaoke, over 3,500 dj songs; and can perform over 1,000 songs live in a band.  We can perform in a 2-3 or 4 piece band and have provided entertainment at festivals, clubs, and private parties.

Please contact us at 309-648-8648 for booking information.

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Our Band - Dynamics
(founded by Phyllis Staker)

Phyllis Staker
from Tremont, Lead guitarist and vocalist.  She is absolutely amazing on the guitar.  She can make the guitar sing and is very entertaining.  She can play the harmonica, bass pedals and guitar at the same time.  When you see her, ask her what a "Doo Daa" is?  We are still trying to find out.

Karen Sperlin
from Normal, vocalist and drummer.  She is quite a character and great addition to the band. 

Chris Hawkins
from East Peoria.  Male vocalist and guitarist.  He provides all the male leads.  His vocal talent is quite an addition to the music.

Betty Giacobazzi from Peoria.  Female lead and keyboardist.  I get the blonde moments and add comedy to the combo.

Together we provide a great musical variety to accommodate any type of event.  Come and check us out!

Festivals - Still booking for 2005
Tremont Turkey Festival - Thursday June 9.
The four piece band will be playing early in the day.  Come join us for great food and music.  Lots to do during the daytime during the festival.

Emden Homecoming - Saturday, July 9
The band will be back for Emden's Homecoming.  Mark your calendars for Saturday, July 9.  Bring your lawn chair and relax and enjoy the music and food.

Arley Theater - Sunday, July 24
Come to Mason City and check out the comedy, older country, country legend show.  More details to follow.

Danvers Days - Saturday, August 13

This year, we will be putting on a different show.  Chris will provide some country legends music, Betty will provide a tribute to Patsy Cline and Jim will perform the King.

    Chris Hawkins  Jim Potter and Betty Giacobazzi

Elvis - Jim Potter
Jim provides a great display of Elvis moves and gets the crowds cheering.  His portrayal of Elvis is the most moving that I have ever seen.  He is very entertaining.  He has the Elivs look and sound.  Check out his Web site at www.momentswithelvis.net.  Come on out and wear your "Blue Suede Shoes".

Chris will be providing a tribute to some country legends.  Surprise - you will have to wait and see what he can do.

Betty will be providing the tribute to Patsy Cline.  Let's Go Walking After Midnight.....

Get Ready ...... Get Set   ...... Here We Come!

Special Thanks
To our "Groupies" for your continued support of Happy Heart Entertainment. 

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