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Volume 1

Thought for the Day

Remember to be nice to your enemies… after all you made them.   (Ray King)



Birthday/Anniversary Corner

Welcome to Happy Heart Newsletter.  This is the first of hopefully many editions of news and reviews.

Happy Heart started doing business in the Peoria area in 1995.  Chris came on board in September of 1995.  Together we have provided musical services for weddings, private parties, anniversaries, clubs, festivals and more.

We currently have a selection of over 9,500 karaoke, over 3,500 dj songs; and can perform over 1,000 songs live in a band.  We can perform in a 2-3 or 4 piece band and have provided entertainment at festivals, clubs, and private parties.

Please contact us at 309-648-8648 for booking information.


Our latest and greatest show was as an opening act in Danvers on August 21, 2004.  Chris and I were the opening act for Jim Potter portraying Elvis.  Jim did an outstanding performance as he sang the songs of the “King.”

Jim  (Elvis) Steve (Rod) Betty and Chris



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The show started with Chris and Betty performing some country, comedy and rock n roll.  Chris and Betty have been known for their impersonation of Archie and Edith in singing the “All In The Family” theme song.  They performed a “Grease” medley that had the crowd singing along.  They provide a variety of music and they provide a very entertaining show.

Next, the crowd of over 400 people cheered and shouted as Jim Potter came out on the stage in his Elvis attire.

Jim Potter not only has the sound of Elvis, but also the looks and moves.  The crowd participated by dancing, shouting, singing along and at times, you could see tears in their eyes.  Jim handed out scarves and teddy bears to many people.

Little girls came up and formed a circle around Jim as he sang a slow love song.  The young girls held hands and circled Jim as he sang the song and you could hear the crowd applaud with excitement.

Next, Steve did his Rod Stewart show.  He had everyone up and dancing to the tune of “Having A Party.”    What a great performance.

The carnival surrounded the stage and the weather was fantastic.  This will definitely be a night to remember.

The next upcoming event will be Saturday, Nov 6.  Our 4-piece band will be playing music at the Eagles in Peoria.  There will be a dinner and all proceeds go to help disaster relief in the Peoria area.  This dinner is open to the public, so please come and join us.

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