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Happy Heart Entertainment is a Peoria-based locally owned business. We have been providing top quality entertainment for over 20 years, and know just how important it is to get everything right for whatever special event you may be planning. Our goal is to bring you the best entertainment possible and to tailor it to your specific needs. Whether you're planning a large wedding or a small and informal get-together, Happy Heart Entertainment can meet all of your entertainment needs.

Personal Bio: Betty Giacobazzi        Personal Bio: Chris Hawkins
E-mail us at: happyheart@happyheartentertainment.com.

Foundation of Happy Heart Entertainment

Betty Giacobazzi writes:

The Beginning - I operated a karaoke system in a local business establishment and started buying my own disks. I remember buying my first karaoke disk in January of 1995.  The next thing I knew, I was buying equipment and booking shows. Actually, Happy Heart started about March of 1995.

The Accident - In July of that year, I was involved in a very serious car accident, leaving me with permanent back injury. I contemplated selling the equipment and getting out of the business, but wanted to try to make it work.

The Addition of Chris - Since I could no longer lift the equipment, I started my search for an assistant to help me. While running karaoke in a bowling alley, I met Chris. Since I had some weddings booked and needed assistance, I asked if he would be available to help me. He agreed to help me with the shows that I had booked. With his musical background and his
vocal talent, he has proved to be a great asset to Happy Heart Entertainment.

Karaoke/DJ - The karaoke music selection has grown to over 15,000 songs and the dj selection is well over 10,000 tunes.

Live Music - Over the past few years, we branched out into performing live music too. Chris plays the guitar and I play the keyboard. We perform live as a two-three-or four person band and have performed in festivals, clubs and for other special events. For more information check out our live music section.

Walkin' With Patsy - My love for Patsy Cline started many years ago.  Her memory will always live on through her tremendous vocal talent.  We put together a tribute to Patsy Cline titled,  "Walkin' With Patsy", performed by Betty Giacobazzi.

On the Road With Willie - Chris Hawkins provides versatile vocal talents to many artists including Willie Nelson, Ray Stevens, Conway Twitty and more.  His renditions of each artist is true to form and quite entertaining.

Theater/Stage - Arlee Theater, Mason City, IL and Farmington Theater, Farmington, IL - See the Schedule page for upcoming events.

Radio - Chris and Betty have made several Radio appearances on the "Breakfast with Royce and Roger" Radio Show, (WOAM 1350 a.m.)  Royce and Roger are a great team and their morning comedy is enjoyable with your morning coffee and donut.  They have guests on their show and Chris and I have been on numerous times.  Royce and Roger love our "Archie and Edith" routine.

TV - The Ray King Variety Show, on Public Access television in Peoria has hosted Chris, Phyllis and Betty performing both live music and also singing with the canned music.  Ray has encouraged a lot of people and passed away after a long illness.  We love you and will miss you Ray King.

Personal Bios:
Betty Giacobazzi Chris Hawkins

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